Describing the face of the business world up to 30 years from now is the speciality of trend forecaster and futurist Anni Macbeth, also known as Annimac.

With a foot firmly set in the future, Annimac – who heads Annimac Consultants – commands immense corporate and government attention for her challenging views on the political, economic, social, and cultural changes impacting us now and how we therefore must operate for a healthy sustainable future.

Having no patience with jurassic business, government, education, or professions, Annimac works with those organisations and individuals wanting to thrive in this 21st century world of immense change, focusing particularly on the shift in values, attitudes, and practices necessary for future thrival in our post industrial, knowledge and consumer driven global economy.

Annimac has spent more than 35 years in six countries building a highly respected background in new venture creation, hi-tech innovation, psychology, media, education, arts management, urban planning, and change management – all culminating in future trends.

In Australia since 1970, Annimac has been recognised for her innovative achievements by Who’s Who in Australia and overseas since 1983, having founded or cofounded:

  • Australia’s first alternative school; the Film and Television Institute of Western Australia;
  • the first tertiary course in Entrepreneurship;
  • the first international film investment prospectus;
  • many feasibility studies leading to the successful establishment of such institutions as the Perth Technical and Further Education School of Art & Design,
  • and the design of innovative social constructs such as the new Australian city of Joondalup.

Annimac’s lively workshops, seminars, presentations and consultancies, plus her Executive Coaching, show everyone from top management to community organisations how to turn apparent anarchy into healthy chaos, to manage change, to gear up for the future and become the organisations and people they want to be while always finding the win-win-win outcome.

Annimac walks her talk, being value not money driven, and chooses to work only with those organisations and individuals sharing her values of healthy sustainability across the quadruple bottom line, for profit, for the environment, for society, and for all cultures.

We are in the Healing Century, the Century of the Pacific, and the Century of the Feminine or right brain dominance. Please feel very welcome to contact Annimac to find out more. And look in her Services Presentations section for basic Presentation Notes and more.

An incorrigible optimist, Annimac monitors and assists those making that inevitably healthier future happen. The few are now many….


As Annimac says: Resisting change is like holding your breath – if you succeed, you’re dead.