Welcome to the website of Anni Macbeth, trend forecaster and futurist.

Creative evolutionary Soleira Green, SOULutions.co.uk, toured the world exploring new global leadership.

In her Women as New Global Leaders update Nov 6, 2003, Soleira introduces seven women she has met whom she describes as New Global Leaders. Annimac is one :

Annimac speaking at APPEA

“Annimac is an intuitive futurist. She combines the best of all worlds to shed a bright and brilliant light on what tomorrow can bring us. What an amazing woman! Annimac is the spirit of our hippie era still shining through in so many real-life projects. What she has done over the past twenty-plus years to change this world would make your head spin.”

Annimac as a futurist of Annimac Consultants, presents seminars, workshops, conference addresses, publications, and life coaching based on the trends impacting us now and in 30 years.

Value-driven, Annimac works with those corporate and NFP organisations and individuals wishing to thrive in a world of cooperative capitalism where the quadruple bottom line of financial gain, environment, society, and culture sustainability have equal consideration.