The objective is to thrive

Find your passion right now and pursue it

Annimac will work with you so you

  • understand your changing world and the likely trends to come
  • find your passion and your reason for being here
  • start living your passion, offering the world what you excel at in ways that the world will honour and support your efforts – the perfect win-win situation.

In our globalised world, only excellence will guarantee financial and moral support. And while you may work very hard and very diligently to be very good at what you do, you cannot excel unless your heart and soul are involved all the way. That is passion.

Having senior executive experience in nine professions and as many countries, Annimac offers a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to assist you in first defining and then establishing your business passion. The rest is easy.

As a Life Coach, Annimac will always be available to call upon for goal clarification, management tips, and personal professional guidance, and generally offer an understanding ear from someone who has experienced probably the worst and the best the business world has to offer. Having a Psych background also helps.

Annimac walks her talk of being value not money driven, so her fees are always negotiable to suit anyone’s means. “Passion, not money, is what makes for thriving in a better world.”

Here’s what clients say :

Many thanks for ….inspiration ….and generosity of spirit.
G.J., Pres, med size service association.

with great appreciation for the gentle kick up the bum – didn’t feel a thing but moved in a great leap!
T.C., Exec VP, International legal group.

..big fan of your writing
P.C. Financial advisor & Newsletter author.

Didn’t think I had a future after retrenchment at 55 – but look at me now! Never had so much fun, and making money, too!
J.C., Consulting Engineer

You help make the world less scary, Annimac … somewhere for me to be me.
T.T., age 14, ex-school dropout.

Your enthusiasm is contagious, yet you still make me be responsible for my own future. Don’t know how you do it, but it works for me….
K.G., Sr Mgr, Accounting group.

Recently became aware of how useful our monthly chats are – you are a perfect sounding board for my strategic thinking of where my organization needs to go and how to get there. So far, spot on.
D.M., Pres, SME international IT company.

just where do you get that outrageous ability to find humour anywhere? I want some….
L.T., Exec Dir, University staff development unit.