Apr-17 Parks and Visitors Services Workshop Keynote     April 2017
Mar-17 Brickworks Internatonal Women’s Day Forum     March 2017
Oct-16 Australasian Permaculture Convergence 13    Keynote
Sept-16 Gnowangerup Shire Council & Staff Workshop
Sept-16 Gnowangerup Bloom Festival Sundowner Presentation
May-16 Associations Club WA Conference Keynote
Mar-16 City of Nedlands Executive Workshop
Jul-15 RIMPA WA GM Keynote
Jun-15 Capral Aluminium WA Leaders Meeting Keynote
Jun-15 BHPBilliton Collaboration Day 4 Keynotes
May-15 Educate Plus WA Conf Plenary Keynote
Mar-15 IPWEA WA Conference Keynote
Nov-14 WA Dept of Mining & Petroleum Innovate Expo Keynote
Apr-14 2014 International Taxi Conference Keynote
Dec-13 Alcock Browne Neaves Friday Futures Forum
Nov-13 Hollywood Hospital Managers Conference Keynote
Sep-13 ASchoolBusinessAdministrators WA Conf Keynote
Aug-13 Farmanco Conference Keynote
Jun-13 Building Designers WA Conf Keynote
Apr-13 Injury Control Council WA Presentation
Mar-13 IPWEA WA Conference Keynote
Sep-12 Alcock Brown-Neaves Futures Forum
Jun-12 Consumer Protection WA Strategy Workshop
Jun-12 WA Active Ageing Conf
Jun-12 Liebe Group Womens Field Day keynote
Jun-12 Building Designers Aus WA : The Chris & Anni Show
May-12 Dept of Commerce DLT Social Media Trends
Feb-12 Boyup Brook D High School Futures Workshop
Jan-12 Good Samaritan Industries Board Future Trends Presentation
Oct-11 Construction Industry LSLS Natl Conf presentation
Aug-11 Pharmacy Guild WA Forum
Jun-11 Retail Property Council Conference
Nov-10 Small Business Centres Conference
Oct-10 Polytechnic West Quality Day 2010 Lecturers Workshop
Oct-10 Polytechnic West Quality Day 2010 GOSAC Admin Workshop
Oct-10 United in PLay Conference
Oct-10 Wheatbelt Natural Resources Managment AGM Keynote
Jul-10 Facey Group Diamonds in the Dust
Apr-09 Building Designers 09 Nat Conf
Dec-08 Eden in Oz Trainers
Jul-08 Fundraising for NFP GenX Y
Jun-08 Hassell Landscape Architects Conf Hassell
Feb-08 Fundraising Institute of Aus Natl Conf
Jan-08 AIESEC Leadership Day Keynote
Nov-07 Midwest Economic Summit 2007 Presentation
Sep-07 REIWA Insights Conf
Sep-07 WA State Schools Registrars Convention
Aug-07 Urban Development Inst Aus Women in Property Keynote
Aug-07 RVA WA Conference Aug 07 Keynote
Aug-07 Cancer Council of WA Workshop
Aug-07 Wirrabirra Primary PD
Jul-07 Swanbourne Primary PD
May-07 Esperance District Education Conference
Apr-07 Zonta International Area 3 Workshop
Apr-07 Association of Independant Schools WA State Conference
Apr-07 REIWA Property Management Conv
Mar-07 Barry Plant Real Estate National Conference Future Trends
Mar-07 Trends impacting Permaculture Association of WA
Mar-07 West Greenwood Primary School Staff
Feb-07 Thriving in the 21st Century
Feb-07 Critical Horizons Regional WA Futures Conference
Nov-06 ARC Energy Directors Dinner Keynote
Nov-06 TAFE CAPS Forum
Nov-06 DOCEP Leadership Forum
Oct-06 West Australian Council of Social Services Conference, Keynote Presentation
Sep-06 Changing Consumer Attitudes to Environment UWA
Sep-06 Central TAFE Generational Impact Workshop
Sep-06 Local Government MA State Conference 2006 Closing Keynote
Sep-06 TAFE Challenger Octoberfest 2006 Generational Trends
Oct-05 UWA Presentation Generation Trends Impacting Marketing
Oct-05 Future Trends in Education – The World of the Dotcoms & Ferals
Jun-05 Aquinas College, July Morning Tea Presentation
May-05 Dietitians Associaction of Australia 23rd National Conference Keynote
Apr-05 Wesfarmers Federation Insurance Conference
Apr-05 Technical & Further Education Flexible Learning Workshop
Apr-05 APPEA Conference
Mar-05 Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association WA
Mar-05 Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association WA Conference Eve Presentation
Mar-05 AISWA Future Trends Libraries Information Workshop
Mar-05 Lotterywest Senior Managers Seminar
Mar-05 RSM Bird Cameron Conference Dinner Keynote
Mar-05 Thriving Communities Lotterywest’s Proactive Partnership
Mar-05 Seton College Students
Feb-05 Landmark Northam Ladies Day Presentation
Feb-05 Starship BankWest 2005 Beyond
Feb-05 Market Equity Thriving into the Future
Jan-05 Woodhead International Architects
Dec-04 Lotterywest Planning Presentation
Dec-04 Australian Electoral Commission Conference Dinner Keynote
Nov-04 Family & Domestic Violence Conference Dinner Keynote, November 2004
Nov-04 Schools of Isolated and Distance Education Workshop Presentation, November 2004
Oct-04 Esperance National Party Dinner, October 2004
Oct-04 West Coast College TAFE Strategic Planning Workshop, October 2004
Oct-04 CCGS School Planning Presentation, October 2004
Oct-04 Society of Petroleum Engineers, Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition, October 2004
Oct-04 Association of Development & Alumni Professionals in Education, October 2004
Oct-04 Disability in the Arts Disadvantage in the Arts Australia, Disability Services Commission WA
Sep-04 Conservation and Land Management Parks & Visitors Services WA Workshop Presentation Workshop
Sep-04 Christ Church Grammar School ICT Planning Presentation, September 2004
Sep-04 Landmark Merredin Ladies Day Presentation, September 2004
Jun-04 Information and Communication Technology in Education Conference Keynote Presentation, June 2004
Jun-04 West Australian Council of Social Services Conference June 2004
Jun-04 Methodist Ladies’ College Public Presentation
Jun-04 Indonesia Future Trends Pacific Rim
Nov-03 Teaching the Dot Coms & Ferals
Nov-03 Women on Wellness

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